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Zuckerberg defended his company’s promoting model, Which Cook belittled last week as ‘trafficking in users’ personal lives’, And said make sure for users to not let companies like Apple iphone 6 plus cases dragon ball phone case iphone 7 rick and morty convince them ‘that they actually care more about you’.'If you can iphone 6 case gaming retro then build a service which is not just serving rich people, Then you might want something that people can afford,’ Zuckerberg explained Vox.Cook has previously said that because Apple profits from selling its services not user information, His company is safe from privacy scandals such as clear phone case iphone 6 with pattern the iphone 6 case bullet proof one Facebook is currently browsing through.Zuckerberg told Vox Facebook’s business model is the only method to offer the service for free, And not charge iphone 6 all around case the high prices the likes of Apple do’You know, I find argument, That if you’re not paying iphone 6 heavy duty case 4.7 that somehow we can’t worry about your needs, To be really glib. And no! aligned with the truth,’ Zuckerberg stated.’The reality here is that if you want to build a service that helps connect everybody in the world, iphone 6 plus crane case Then there are many of people who can’t afford to pay.’Having a marketing supported model is the only rational model that can support building this service.’Facebook continues to handle the fallout from its massive data scandal, After it was says 50 million members’ data had been harvested without their knowledge.Its shares are down 13 percent since March 16, When it first established that user data had been improperly hard plastic iphone 6 case clear channeled to Cambridge Analytica. The company has lost iphone 6 case raised bevel more than $70 billion in cost since then.Zuckerberg himself is down quite $10 billion, Taking his net worth just to above $60 billion.When asked what yet do if he were in Zuckerberg’s shoes, The Apple CEO answered: ‘I would not be in this situation’Last week, When asked what he’d do if he were in Zuckerberg’s shoes, Cook answered: ‘I wouldn’t be in this example.’Cook criticized Facebook’s extensively recorded data collection techniques, Which involve scraping huge amounts of personal user information, Using it to build detailed user profiles and selling them to promoters.’We could make a fortune if we monetized our customers,’ Cook explained during a meeting with Kara Swisher and Chris Hayes on MSNBC.’If our buyers were iphone 6 case with free screen protector our product…